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Dr. Keith Kennedy has more than thirty years’ management consulting experience with more than 130 clients. His particular strength is applying his knowledge of business strategy, management issues, business processes, and information technology to the achievement of business objectives in the private and public sectors.


He has been Chief Executive/Principal Consultant of three management consulting firms. Prior to joining CGR, he was a Managing Director for one of the “Big Four” UK consulting firms, and led a consulting firm in the UK for which he was the CEO for 14 years. He has worked in Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia in addition to the United States.


Public sector clients include more than 20 federal and California organizations, Canadian province government, English central government agencies, and English and Australian local governments.


Keith graduated in engineering from Manchester University, England, with a BS degree, First Class Honors in Chemical Engineering, and a Ph.D. He has published more than twenty professional papers related to construction, and has chaired conferences for Management Center Europe, the Building Computer Center and Arthur Andersen & Co.

Keith Kennedy

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