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Professional Consultants

Our consultants are qualified individuals who have achieved success in academic and business life. They are experts in their field with highly developed analytical and design skills. Equally important, they have the personal qualities which ensure meticulous attention to your problems and strive for good working relationships with your staff. All of our consultants have had senior positions with major consulting firms prior to joining CGR, and/or have held officer level positions in Fortune 500 or other leading industrial companies.


We believe that one mark of our professionalism is our ability to approach each new problem with an open mind. Each industry has different requirements and each organization within an industry has its own special position and management style. We tailor our approach to each client. We investigate each situation objectively, and design our program of assistance to suit the specific needs of each client.


We carry out all assignments to the highest professional and ethical standards. Our clients’ information is always held in the strictest confidence.  Many of our Principals have been Certified (CMC) by the Institute of Management Consultants (IMC) and all of our assignments are conducted according to the Institute's Code of Ethics.

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