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CGR provides the wide range of services expected from a quality consulting firm. Most business sectors are supported, including technology, manufacturing and distribution, transportation, construction, healthcare, food and beverage, financial and public sector.


We continually endeavor to enhance our services. We strive to keep our expertise and our methods in line with best practice.  All CGR consultants receive continuing training to ensure our skills are world class.



CGR is often called upon to apply its skills in process improvement and information technology to aid clients in longer range planning and strategy. Typical situation call for expertise to “turn around” an operation or business, relocate facilities, develop a new product, or start a business or new business line. Often elements include the following:


  • Strategic plan development
  • Activity system development for cost effectiveness and customer satisfaction
  • Implementation of strategic planning initiatives
  • Financial strategy and planning
  • Technology assessments and planning
  • Long range staffing plans
  • Operational planning
  • Business continuity planning

Organization Assessment and Improvement


CGR consultants have served clients in the public and private sector. Often our charters are directed at assessing opportunities for improvement in a variety of functions. One example of this category is performance audits of public agencies.


  • Efficiency and effectiveness reviews through management performance audits
  • Organization studies including consolidations and "right sizing"
  • Feasibility studies – agency/program consolidation/reorganization
  • Management of technical and professional functions
  • Field crew and plant operations process improvement
  • Supply chain management including sourcing, purchasing, and replenishment
  • Maintenance operations
  • Construction process evaluation and improvement
  • Environmental services evaluation and improvement

Revenue Management/Cost of Service/Rate Determination


Clients may call on CGR to aid in their financial functions, particularly in budgeting operations and assuring each major function is operating in a cost effective way. Clients include both private companies and public agencies who have to justify their costs and the fees they receive for services.


  • Provider service models for staff budgeting and control

  • Revenue forecasting

  • Cost of service studies/activity-based costing

  • Cost analysis using improvement categories

  • Systems for revenue management

Process Reengineering/ Continuous Improvement


CGR helps clients compete and thrive through operations excellence. The scope of assignments can be “top down” and broad or “bottom up” and narrow in scope. This service is “universal” in that our clients are in many regions and industries. Services in this category are often delivered in conjunction with our Information Technology service.


  • Business process/productivity improvement

  • Supply chain management

  • Change management

  • Process improvement training, development, and delivery

  • Training and education for self-sufficiency

  • Inventory, logistics, and warehousing

  • Sourcing and purchasing

  • Benchmarking

  • Executive and employee education

  • Strategy development and planning

  • Transportation analysis and network design

Information Technology


As a major service, CGR consultants have served over 150 government agencies and private sector clients. These services are also accompanied with other services like process reengineering.


  • Information management strategic planning for long term modernization of systems

  • Information technology department organization

  • Development of user specifications for processes and systems

  • Process improvement to complement technology introduction

  • Software selection including inventory management, program/asset management, construction management, work order, document management, and warehouse management systems

  • Integration of applications with agency employee and contract accounting systems

  • Network design and hardware selection

  • Project management/program office services

  • Staff development and training

  • Process Reengineering/Continuous Improvement

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